2 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Skip Bin Hire in Perth For Your Move

Moving houses is a stressful time in anyone’s life, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking advantage of the resources and tools that are available to those moving will help the process go smoothly and efficiently with little to no stress at all. One of the most helpful recommendations we can make when it comes to moving is hiring a skip bin for the extra rubbish that accumulates throughout the entire moving process.

When you no longer need to worry about all the waste generated from your move, you will have more time and energy to devote to the other important aspects such as forwarding your address, packing and loading, managing inventory, hiring a moving company, and getting settled into your new place.

What are the benefits of a skip bin for moving?

Often, people associate skip bins with waste build-up from a construction project or simply the weekly waste removal process. However, skip bins can play an extremely helpful role in moving houses.

Alternatively, if you choose not to hire a skip bin, you may find yourself struggling to stuff all your rubbish into an outdoor bin. If the waste piles up too much, you may even have to load the waste to a facility yourself. Removing the waste from your old property should be the last thing you worry about when moving homes. Take it from us, hiring a skip bin will save time, preserve your energy, and make the process of moving an easy one.

The two main benefits in a skip bin hire for moving are as follows:

1. The Convenience

The convenience of a skip bin is that you won’t waste any time worrying about your waste, because you will know there is a professional team using a special bin to keep that waste removal under control.

The distinctive nature of a skip bin also means you won’t get confused as to which piles are items to take with the move and which piles are rubbish that needs to go to a waste facility. The skip bin will keep things clearly separated and organised.

A skip bin hire will guarantee you a drop-off of the bin, hassle-free pickup and clear waste area whilst separating your things.

2. The Value

On first glance, investing in a skip bin hire may seem like a frivolous expense when it comes to moving. However, not hiring one can lead to a higher cost or costly mistakes. Let’s put it this way: if you skip out on hiring a skip bin and decide to load everything to your new house to go through it there, you are using up extra space and weight to carry these things that will eventually go in a waste bin. This extra stuff will take the movers longer to pack and unpack, meaning you will be paying them for longer and using up unnecessary space that you are also paying for.

A skip bin will help to maximise the space for items you want to relocate because you will be able to sort through everything before transporting it and separate all rubbish into the skip bin. The bin will then be removed from your property and sent to a facility. The peace of mind that allows is worth it alone, but the costs that you save on when hiring a skip bin is another great plus.

What can you put in a skip bin?

A regular skip bin is equipped to handle a variety of normal household rubbish that is regularly produced. The kinds of waste a skip bin can hold include:

  • Household waste
  • Furniture
  • General rubbish
  • Garden waste, including things such as wood

Keep in mind that anything you would like to have recycled should not be placed in the skip bin. If you have recyclable items, you should place them in a separate recycling bin, so they can be reused. This small separation can help keep the environment much cleaner and more sustainable.

Also, you should consider any bricks, concrete, tiles, sand, or dirt that you may be placing in the skip bin. These things are typically very heavy and can max out the weight restrictions of the skip bin if you place too much of these materials in the bin. Instead, reserve the bin for household waste to get the best value.

Who should you contact for a skip bin hire?

A skip bin rental company that has years of experience, good reviews, cost-effective value, and professional service is the one that you want. At WestBin, we have all these things and will work to make your moving process as painless as possible.

Call us today for a free quote or to talk about which skip bin is right for your move.

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