A skip bin is a great solution to get rid of the rubbish that accumulates during any renovation, building, other home project, or just a deep domestic clean-up. Hiring a skip bin is an easy and environmentally friendly way to clear your property of rubbish, but you must do a bit of work ahead of […]

Making the effort to recycle your waste is a great way to make an impact on your local environment and keep sustainability at the forefront of your life. But getting started recycling can be a confusing time. Some things that you would naturally assume can be recycled can’t be, and others that you think are […]

Moving houses is a stressful time in anyone’s life, but it doesn’t have to be. Taking advantage of the resources and tools that are available to those moving will help the process go smoothly and efficiently with little to no stress at all. One of the most helpful recommendations we can make when it comes […]

Increasing the level of awareness surrounding the need to dispose of the waste we produce as a society in an environmentally friendly manner is still as important as it always has been. What we have witnessed is a keen drive to push sustainability and eco-friendly practices across Australia with several Government bodies leading the way. […]

It’s a word that is used regularly these days as we’re repeatedly reminded to be conscious of the environment but what exactly is recycling? Put simply, it’s processing waste materials and converting them into something new – either as a raw material for manufacturing a product or converted into something else. Some surprising items that […]

Whether you are in charge of waste disposal at a large construction site or you are renovating your home and wish to dispose of all the rubbish you produce in a responsible manner, skip bins are the obvious solution. However, there are a few safety considerations you should think about before you order your skip […]

White goods are large electrical domestic appliances and are given this name because typically they were painted in white enamel finishing in order to give them durability. However, white goods needn’t necessarily actually be white, and these days come in a variety of colours. It is just the simplified term that has been adopted to […]

It happens year after year: Christmas comes around, and we produce a mountain of waste. After having all the family over, the exchanging of gifts, and all the other usual Christmas activities, we’re usually left with an increased amount of waste, but not really sure what to do with it all. These days, it pays […]

Keeping a busy construction site clear of rubbish during each of the main development phases can be a challenging task, especially if the site in question is particularly large or there are a number of individual contractors working together on the site for the very first time. However, with careful planning and the cooperation of […]

At West Bin, we take pride in our sustainability record. We operate our very own council-approved waste processing facility, which is licensed by the Department of Environment. We’re equipped to ensure that all of the waste we process is sorted and disposed of appropriately. This means that we take care of identifying your recyclables and […]

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