What Happens to Your Rubbish Once It Has Been Taken Away?

Whether you fill several skips full of rubbish every single day or just one or two a year, you have probably spent some time wondering where it all goes once it has been collected, and what happens to it. Despite the fact that rubbish disposal is a huge industry and a major talking point in many parts of the world right now, the actual disposal of the waste matter you throw in our skips in Perth is conducted away from the public gaze for the most part. With this in mind, we thought it would be a nice idea to share our inside knowledge of what happens to all the rubbish that is collected from homes and businesses across the city.

Where Does All the Rubbish Go?

If you use a reputable skip hire company in Perth such as ourselves, you know that all of your waste matter will be transported to a licensed disposal facility and dealt with in accordance with local and federal regulations. If, on the other hand, you use a hire company that does not operate in accordance with the relevant laws governing the disposal of waste, your rubbish could literally end up anywhere. Assuming that you choose the sensible option and work with a reputable team, this is what happens to your rubbish once it has been collected from your site:


  • The Sorting Process – A good skip hire and waste removal company will separate your rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable waste when they get back to their depot. Recyclable matter is taken to processing centres where it can be dealt with appropriately while non-recyclable materials are normally taken to a local landfill. If you choose to deal with West Bin, you will be pleased to know that we operate our own waste-disposal and recycling facility in Perth, which is council approved. This means we are able to recover a higher percentage of recyclable waste materials than many other skip hire companies, thereby ensuring that our customers’ rubbish is handled in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


  • Transportation to Local Landfill – Whether your rubbish is collected by a reputable skip hire company or the local council, non-recyclable materials are normally transported to a local landfill site, located around 45 kilometres south of the city. If it is collected by the local authorities, it will almost certainly end up in the waste processing centre that can be found in Shenton Park first, from where the non-recyclable materials will be taken to the landfill. If it is collected by us, the processing will occur at our purpose-built facility, as mentioned above. Either way, rubbish that cannot be recycled is effectively buried away from the city.


  • What Happens to Recyclables?– Recyclable material is not, of course, buried in a landfill but taken to processing centres where it can be recycled and used again. The exact location of the recycling centre will depend on the nature of the waste in question but there are local companies equipped to deal with plastic, cardboard, paper, glass, scrap metal, batteries, electronic components and all other types of recyclable rubbish.

Skip bins landfill site

How Different Categories of Recyclable Waste Are Handled

How your rubbish is recycled and where it is taken depends on what exactly you throw away.

  • Garden Waste – Green waste such as grass clippings and fallen leaves is taken to a composting facility where it is composted before being sold to companies that are involved in the local horticultural industry. If you wish, you can, of course, compost your own garden waste and use it on flower beds and vegetable patches, to encourage the growth of healthy specimens next season.


  • Electronic Rubbish – Computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices are taken to a local contractor, who dismantles each item by hand and removes all of the components that are good candidates for recycling. Items that are manufactured primarily from glass, copper, plastic and other reusable materials are forwarded to recycling contractors in and around the city who specialise in the processing of such waste matter. Once the materials in question have been recovered, they are used in the manufacture of new products.


  • Cardboard and Paper – Paper and cardboard is separated from other recyclables before being baled and sold to manufacturing companies who then use it to make new paper and cardboard. Everything from old newspapers and magazines to cardboard boxes and posters can be recycled and used to manufacture new products.


  • Batteries – The type of disposable batteries that you use in remote controls, small electronic devices and flashlights are sent to an out-of-state processor at the time of writing, where the metals and other components are harvested, melted down, and used in the manufacture of a wide variety of new products. Parts for cars, new batteries and street lights are just some of the items that may be made using materials recovered from your old batteries.


  • Fluorescent Lights – The CFL bulbs that people use in homes and business premises across the city are sent to a specialist company that recovers the glass, metal and other materials used in their manufacture, which are then used to make insulation batts and commercial fertilisers, among other things. Even when you are not hiring a skip in Perth to get rid of a large volume of rubbish, you can make sure that your CFL bulbs are recycled by taking them to a local recovery facility.

Whether you have a large quantity of commercial waste that you would like to dispose of in a responsible manner or you are clearing out your house and would like to make sure that all of the recyclable materials you throw away end up in the right place, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a member of our team today. We have many years of experience in the industry, a first-class team working for us, and are committed to ensuring that all of the rubbish we collect is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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