What to Look for in a Skip Bin Hire in Western Australia

A skip bin is a great solution to get rid of the rubbish that accumulates during any renovation, building, other home project, or just a deep domestic clean-up. Hiring a skip bin is an easy and environmentally friendly way to clear your property of rubbish, but you must do a bit of work ahead of time to ensure you are finding the best Western Australia skip bin hire for your needs.

The perks of a skip bin hire are a good place to start when it comes to determining which company is right for you. Remember that you are looking for a safe and proper disposal of waste. Second, a skip bin should be affordable and convenient. Making sure the company you choose meets these basic requirements will help narrow down your decision. Further than that, there are a few more things you will want to consider before deciding on the best company for you.

Here, we’ve outlined some of the considerations to be made before hiring a skip bin service in Western Australia.

The Aspect of Convenience

It’s crucial to be aware of what the company can offer you and how they can make your life easier. Remember, this is a service industry, so you are looking for a company that will help serve you rather than serve itself.

1. Delivery

Considering the fact that skip bins are large and cumbersome objects, you’ll want a definite delivery option. It’s impractical and near impossible to take the responsibility of transporting the skip bin on your own, so the company should have several options as to how they can deliver the bin to you.

You’ll want to consider the size of the bin you are looking to hire as well as the size of the trucks they operate to carry these bins to customers. If your property has a small road leading up to it but the company you are looking at only has large trucks, the logistics may not line up. A range of size of delivery trucks is a huge perk that any good skip bin company should offer. Larger trucks mean they can deliver more to a larger area whilst a small truck means they can navigate through any tight spots or narrow streets to get to you.

2. Pick-Up

Going hand in hand with delivery, pick up should be a non-negotiable. While a skip bin is heavy and large when it arrives to you, it is even heavier and less mobile when it is filled to the brim with your rubbish. Not only is it difficult to transport, it’s also unsightly when left on your property for more time than you need. It’s also a major eyesore and can ruin any grass or other greenery lying beneath the bin while it waits to be picked up.

Make sure the company you choose offers pick-up services and has an open schedule to pick up whenever you are finished with the bin. That way, you don’t end up waiting around. A company that offers service for the entirety of the week is a great bet, as you won’t end up stuck with a bin while they’re closed on the weekend. Double check that there are no hidden fees associated with a weekend or quick pick-up as well.

Waste Disposal

Most often, the primary reason for hiring a skip bin is the environmentally conscious way in which the waste is disposed of. Unfortunately, there are companies that take advantage of customers overlooking this crucial aspect of the service and dump the rubbish in illegally and unethical ways in order to save on costs.

Thankfully, the industry heavily regulates the disposal of skip bin waste to ensure that these occurrences are few and far between. Even still, it’s important to check for their expression of dedication to the environmentally friendly nature of skip waste disposal.

Expertise and Integrity

For any company, it’s good to look for a reputation of integrity backed with years of experience in the industry. Asking around to friends or family about their experience with skip bin companies is a great place to start. You can also search for company reviews and ratings on the internet.

Finding a company with integrity can be tough to pinpoint, but there are little things to look for that should lead you in the right direction. Speaking to a friendly agent over the telephone, a timely response to an estimate request, honouring guarantees and ample website information are all things to look for to find a reliable business.

A Trustworthy Western Australia Skip Bin Company

At Westbin, we promise great service, ethical waste disposal, flexible options, great prices, and over 20 years of experience guiding every decision we make. If you are looking for a dependable skip bin hire in Perth, give us a call for inquiries.

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