What is the Best Time of the Year for a Big Clear-Out?

Depending on your situation and how much stuff you’re looking to remove from your home, any time of the year is the perfect time for a big clear-out, one that frees your residential space of clutter. As Perth’s leading waste management provider, West Bin has a great range of residential skip bins for hire, so read through the following tips to make planning your decluttering project easy.

What Are You Disposing Of?

To determine the best time of the year to clear out your home and/or yard, first determine what you’re disposing of. For example, if you’re planning to clear out the garden, winter is usually the best time of the year and if you hire a skip that’s large enough you can make a weekend of it and clear out the house as well. Here’s why winter is the best time of year for yard clearing:

  • The greatest volume of yard waste is produced by pruning trees and shrubs
  • Winter is the best time for pruning because most plants are dormant
  • When plants are dormant there’s usually dead growth to remove

However, not everyone is afforded the luxury of waiting until winter arrives to prune the garden, but if you are, you’ll find that this really is the best time of year because you can clear up after the flowering season and work outdoors while it’s nice and cool.

What’s more, you also have the opportunity to clear gutters of the build-up of leaves which usually occurs in autumn and can place unnecessary pressure on the guttering system and components. As we have our own waste processing facility, you can dispose of all your household and green waste in the same skip and we’ll sort it to ensure as much of your waste is recycle and reused as possible.

Preparing for Summer

If there ever was a season in which clearing out the house and yard is going to be tough work it’s summer, but that’s not the only reason why so many people arrange skip bin hire and clear out their homes in spring.

For many Perth residents, summer is a season of gatherings and barbeques, trips to the beach and sporting events, so there’s usually quite a lot on and the last thing you want to be doing in the heat of summer is cleaning the patio and preparing the backyard.

Many people find that hiring a small skip bin is adequate for clearing out the patio and outdoor areas in readiness for the coming summer and if there’s not all that much to throw away, it’s usually the case that the neighbours may a few things to dispose of also. That means you can reduce the cost of hiring skip bins to clear your Perth home of waste in readiness for the fun that summer brings.

Whichever season you decide to plan that long overdue clear-out, West Bin has a great range of residential skip bins that are perfect for your needs. Call us today on (08) 9249 1100 to learn more.

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