What happens with your waste?

What happens with your waste

It’s just waste you may think.. wrong…your waste contains valuable resources that are able to be reused and recycled which will save our finite natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and protect animals and their habitats.

Here in Australia we are one of the highest generators of waste in the world, we landfill over 20 million tonnes of waste per year, the sad part is that the majority of this could have been recovered. This is why we take your waste so seriously and have declared war on waste!

Here at West Tip we reuse and recycle as much waste as possible through our state of the recycling facility. We abide by the waste hierarchy and audit all of our partners to make sure they are also doing the right thing so you can be confident that when you leave your waste with us you know it’s being treated responsibly. We are currently recovering and recycling the following materials:

  1. Sand and soil
  2. Bricks, concrete, roof tiles, ceramics
  3. Metals
  4. Timber
  5. Paper and Cardboard
  6. Plastics
  7. Green waste
  8. Plasterboard

We are continually refining our sorting process and finding new markets for recycled material in an effort to continually increase our landfill diversion rates.

Effective Waste Recycling
and Removal

We have more than two decades of experience working with waste management and recycling solutions.