Specialty Bins

Asbestos Skip Bin


Asbestos can be disposed of if arranged at the time of booking. Bins must be lined with 200 micron heavy-duty plastic (not provided but can be purchased from your local hardware store). There must be enough over hang for it to seal the Asbestos within the confines of the plastic and asbestos sheets must also be wrapped no more than 10 sheets at a time.

Once the bin is full it must be sealed with builders tape or strong duct tape ready for safe transport and disposal at an approved landfill. No other materials are to be placed in the bin with Asbestos.

Custom Bins

Do you have an unusual waste type, need to store your waste in a sealed or lidded bin or need to place the skip under a shoot? We have you covered!

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Lidden Speciality Skip Bin
Spiro tanks being transported by a truck

Tanker Bins

Do you produce wet waste, fine powder or liquid waste? We have you covered.

We have bulk tanker bins available to transport your waste. We can even take care of the disposal. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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